What Equipment Do You Need To Open A Nail Salon At Home?

What Equipment Do You Need To Open A Nail Salon At Home?

Opening your nail salon at home can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you need to get started and provide tips on setting up your nail salon.

Home Work Equipment

To hone your skills and build a customer base, you will need a starter set of tools – this will allow you to work seriously, gain the trust of visitors and get the first good reviews.

Manicure apparatus

The manicure apparatus is the main electrical assistant of every master. With it, you can gently and painlessly remove dead skin and cuticles from sensitive areas, change the shape of nails, polish platinum, and remove the old coating. All this functionality is important even for a novice master, so preference should be given to devices with interchangeable nozzles.

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There are two types of lamps: UV lamps and fluorescent lamps. LED lamps are a newer type of lamp. To get started, you should purchase a high-quality and powerful UV lamp. They differ in power: 9 W, 18 W, 36 W, and 54 W. The more powerful the lamp, the faster it works, and the less time it takes to cure the coating. The 9W and 18W UV lamps are light and compact and take too long to cure. More functional models with a power of 36 W and 54 W provide better and faster drying.


Many skin diseases are hidden. Even the carrier may not be aware of any problems, let alone the master who sees the client for the first time. Therefore, to minimize the risk of infecting himself and his clients, the master should use only sterile instruments.

To do this, you should buy:

Autoclave or dry-heat cabinet – devices designed for sterilization of reusable instruments.

Means with local disinfectant properties. With such preparations, it is necessary to treat the hands of the client and the master and the main work surfaces.

Disposable consumables

Sponges, napkins, gloves, and orange sticks should be used only once and changed after each client.

Table hood

Keep a retractor handy, so you don’t have to wet clean after every customer. Such units are produced in various formats. There are quite budget ones that you can dispense with at first. Such installations most often take the form of a stand under the arms and have a small weight and dimensions, but they can only draw in dry particles – dust.

Other equipment

A set of manicure tools. The set must contain nail scissors, several types of nail files, cuticle nippers, and other tools at the request of a specialist.

Files and buffs for nails. For the edges of the nails to be neatly processed, it is necessary to purchase high-quality nail files. They are made from various materials: metal, ceramics, and glass. Choose the one that is more convenient for you to work with. Buffs are nail files. They come in suede, fabric, and polyethylene foam.

Bath for steaming. To make it easier to remove the cuticle and to work with your hands more pleasantly, it is recommended to carry out a small spa procedure.

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